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We at Computer Ants make technology easy for you with an all-time consistent brand support. Whether it's Dell, Lenovo, Sony Vaio, Compaq, Acer, Asus, HP or more, we do make them work the way you want. We will help with issues related to your laptops, desktops, notebooks, netbooks and peripherals of each and every brand available in the market.


Since its advent around 20 years back, internet has slowly and steadily become nothing more than a culvert of cyber thugs, which lie in lurk to get hold of unsuspecting victims. A moment spent on internet is enough to pack your PC like sardines with viruses, adware, spyware and other malicious threats. All this fact is sufficiently more than enough to stress upon the necessity of an antivirus program for every PC.


Computer Ants is here to bring for you a string of immediate browser support services that will ensure easy browsing. We offer Browser Support Services that are both cost-effective and satisfactory for you. Here's is a sample of our Browser Support services:

  • Fixing Installation errors, Performance issues and Third-party interventions.
  • Remote assistance in setting up PC connection with ISP, using Modem or net-router.
  • Troubleshooting ISP connection issues.
  • Speeding up of net connection.
  • Setting up of social networking sites and online back-up accounts.
  • Accessing your non-financial accounts online.
  • Configuring a site for data transfer.


In this cyber age, an urge for instant and effective communication has given rise to emails which has now become an indispensable medium of communication for individuals as well as businesses. A faulty Email client setup may lead to serious loss and give you some distressful moments. Computer Ants will provide the technical support keeping you free of all worries. We provide complete Email support services like setting up a new email client, managing and fixing error messages, migration of mails into diversified email clients and much more.


In this internet driven world, a sturdy network is a never-to-be-missed prerequisite, this applies to both business establishments and home dwellings. But it's not as easy as said to go head to head with that dreaded mishmash of wires, routers, modems and switches. Then how to deal with those pesky networking blues? The answer is simple, we are here to save you from your networking nightmares and get you back to your computing experience.

Technical Support

Remote Access and Support over the Internet with TeamViewer Click here for Computer Ants Remote Support!

Computer Support Services

Here at Computer Ants our Services Portfolio caters to one and all, our computer support services portfolio is extensive and it is designed to give any PC user a confidence boost. Computer users are looking for a quick resolution for any issues related to:

  • Microsoft products: Dealing with issues concerning installation, upgradation of drivers, general troubleshooting for Windows OS, MS office suite and gaming consoles.
  • Resolving issues and concerns for desktops, laptops and netbooks belonging to major brands like Dell, Sony Viao, HP, Samsung, Compaq, Lenovo, Toshiba, Asus and what not.
  • Resolution of issues plaguing Email services (MS Outlook, Eudora Mail) and Web Browsers (the likes of Chrome, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox ).
  • Security concerns stemming from viruses, spyware, adware, pop-ups and any other variety of malware. Expert resolution is also provided for any issues related to installation, uninstallation and update issues concerning major antivirus brands like Norton, McAfee, Avast, AVG, Panda Kaspersky and so on.
  • Fixing up of slow running computers and providing troubleshooting for issues related to blue screen errors, System 32 errors, Registry errors, DLL and Exe Errors.
  • Network Support Services and bottlenecks appearing in setting up of Routers, Ethernets, installation of wireless home network and any other network appliance.

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